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Project Description


Session cost $55 • 1-hour session • the main training service • for both beginners & advanced • great results, slow or fast pace (you decide) •

The “I CAN” service, the main service offered, is probably the best offer in NYC for high quality personal training. The reason? This service proves that the impossible is possible: Insanely low price & top training are married for the first time… because all must have access to the right ways of living healthier. In a city where the average cost of a training session is $100-120 and a big part over $120, this service makes a true difference. Great, safe, and effective personal training sessions are offered at the affordable price of only $55 each with a package of 24 ($1,320). The secret for this one-of-a-kind service? Love for what you do, life values above all, and… where there is a will, there is a way! Those sessions, as all the other sessions offered, can be even shared by 2 or more exercisers, which means the least money one can ever pay for a personal training session in NYC from a top experienced trainer.