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Better think twice

Hey, do you know that...? I am tapping you slightly on the shoulder. I am even poking you at times, for a good reason. Chances are, you are unaware of more or less serious issues related to exercise, diet, and your health, but I want you to be wide awake, think out

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…of my best times!!!

As strong as when I go for shopping and come back home with new colorful stuff or the latest brand designs? As strong as when I bought my first car? As strong as when I hang out with my best friends? As strong as when I eat the most delicious

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Learn how to work out safely!

The harsh truth is that if we want to exercise on our own, we have to look for online sources, from blogs and fitness magazines to well-known exercise organizations. Some of those sources are great and some are not. Chances are, we get wrong information about the way we should perform an

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Finding your calling…

Having been in the Exercise field for many years, we came to understand a big truth about why people can't establish a daily or weekly exercise schedule. In the beginning of our career, we thought that the main reason was just boredom, lack of knowledge, and less active life during

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Handshake? No, thanks…

It has been more than twelve years since that happened, but let’s take things from the beginning to reach that point. Have you ever wondered about what makes an athlete an Olympian? What really helps a person, who loves sports and trains hard, rise from his county’s or country’s competitions

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Please, eat your dog! Otherwise…

The biggest hypocrites ever…! Who? We humans, of course. We raise our voices against injustice while we are part of injustice. We advocate human rights with our words, but we discriminate against other people with our actions… It does make sense to get angry at those who organize and celebrate

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Offended? It was on purpose…

“I had sometimes tried to lose weight but I didn’t make it. I had never taken that matter seriously. I had never paid much attention to it until that happened. Years ago, my body was better. I looked better. I had the weight I should for my age and looked handsome. But while years

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Fed up!

Each one of us is unique. No doubt about it. Everyone comes with their own virtues and has a mission in this life, to be a good parent, friend, to educate others, to work in certain fields. We should always applaud one’s success. We should always be glad when we

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Be cautious!

We have been thinking long ago of writing a few lines about them. It is always good to think out of the box and this is the reason we have started our blog. Our concern on this post is about the countless DVDs on the market with exercises and programs

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Be smarter than your trainer

What we want to discuss on this post is of great importance because it directly affects our health when close attention is not paid to. That has to do with the personal trainers and the way they work. We trainers make many mistakes and if you the clients know about

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